Edward Thomas is an artist, architect and historian living and working daily in Charlottesville, Virginia. Edward studied both architecture and painting at the University of Virginia. He paints out of door scenes daily and continues his passion for building by using his downtown home as a perpetually unfinished architectural laboratory. Edward specializes in brick masonry and classical methods of building that were used by Thomas Jefferson and other architectural styles vernacular to the region.

...architecture is my delight, and putting up, and pulling down, one of my favourite amusements
— Thomas Jefferson

Edward's original paintings are found in prestigious collections throughout the US. He is now offering select pieces to be reproduced as limited edition signed prints, as well as a gift shop featuring his work.

Edward was born in 1972 in Charlottesville, VA where he currently lives & chronicles its history with his paintings.



 Jefferson Sea View From The Gardens

Jefferson Sea View From The Gardens

 Edward, photo by Ken Scobie

Edward, photo by Ken Scobie

Artist Statement

I record my world in an archival medium, without artificial interface between the subject and my eyes nor between my eyes and the emerging piece; painting with oils, out of doors, from direct observation. I strive to achieve paintings that not only are faithful recordings of the site and weather conditions but, upon closer inspection, can hold their own on an Abstract level of pure color and mark making. To make possible this dual existence of paint I believe two things are crucial. Practice, and a minimum of thought during the act of painting. Thinking gets in the way and leads to artifice; painting what you think is there rather than what is there. What the eye sees must be transposed directly to the fingers holding the brush. The muscles know precisely what chords of color to pick off the palette in response to what the eye has seen. Thus the paint is laid down with a minimum of thought but instead with the unconscious patterning of a muscle that has made this notation a million times before. The paint is laid down precisely enough to satisfy the needs of representing the subject, but with an immediacy enough to satisfy the Abstract demand that the paint be paint.


1991-1996 University of Virginia

1994 Royal Academy of Architecture, Copenhagen, Denmark

1995 Bachelors of Science in Architecture from the University of Virginia

1991-Present. Student of Richard Crozier; Student of Wayne Thiebaud


Selected Exhibitions

1995-2002 Gallery Neo, Charlottesville, Virginia.

1996 Pavillion IX, University of Virginia.

1997 Virginia State Arboretum, Boyce, Virginia.

1998-2000 McGuffey Art Center, Charlottesville.

1999 Page Bond Gallery, Richmond, Virginia.

2000 Reynolds Gallery, Richmond, Virginia.

2001 Office of Health and Human Services, Washington, D.C.

2002 American Academy, Rome.

2003 University of Virginia Medical Center.

2015 Praxinoscopes, Second Street Gallery, Charlottesville.

2018 Select Works 1998-Present, J3, Charlottesville.

2018 Blenheim Vineyards, Charlottesville.